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Apr 24, 2018

In this episode of the Define Tomorrow podcast Barry Coombs talk to Jason Smith of Liquidware. They introduce the Liquidware technology and how it can deliver an end to end solution for workspace and user management.

One topic of discussion was the particular problem a number of businesses are facing today in regards to the use of Microsoft Office 365 in conjunction with non persistant desktops, whether these are VDI, Session Based Computing or simply temporary desktops like in education. Profile Unity allows for Profile Disks (VHD's) to hold the local cache for Office 365 including email and OneDrive and then to be attached in a just in time fashion when the user logs into the desktop without delay. The result means a seemless user experience for the user when using Office 365 with non persistant desktops whilst being easy to manage and maintain for IT.

Also discussed on the podcast is the just released ability for Profile Unity to hold user profile data in cloud based object storage such as AWS S3 and Microsoft Blob Storage.